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What are the signs to know if a boy likes you?

In matters of love we can often find ourselves in great uncertainty. Many times we question if we can get to like a boy because we see and appreciate different signals that leave us confused.

We want to tell you which are the keys and the signs in which we have to fix to know if we like a boy or not. Because when we are in love many times we do not appreciate reality.

What we want you to learn is not to identify the attraction in general, but to look at how the person you like reacts to know exactly if you feel the same or not.

Clear signs that someone likes you

First of all, we have to be clear that we have to improve our social skills: having a high self-esteem and security will make us be able to maintain a stable relationship and like others in the future.

First we have to be good with ourselves to like someone. Therefore, he works to build a strong self-love.

The keys or signals that we are going to tell you next are very generic and can be valid for both men and women, in matters of falling in love , love does not understand gender.

Also, try to meet three of the following signs to really know what the person likes.

What are the signs to know if a boy likes you?

Pay attention

It is a very obvious signal and many people do not take it into account. In a conversation of two it is very important that both sender and receiver are on the same wavelength.

If a boy is interested in what you say, he pays attention to you, asks you interested, gives standing and to argue and give his opinion and likes to debate with you, surely you like it.

This also makes you try to lengthen the conversation because you want to spend more time with you and get to know yourself better.

He smiles at you often

The smile is the mirror of the soul and if it smiles at you every time it sees you it is a very good sign. If you do not stop smiling and laugh the thanks you may like it and like it.

The smile is one of the ways that human beings have to show that they are comfortable and calm in an environment. It is one of the gestures that are directly related to happiness , so it means that you make him directly happy. There is no better compliment .

It looks at your mouth

If when you talk you notice that instead of looking you in the eyes you look directly at the lips and mouth, it can mean that it has an interest in you. The subconscious mind fails you and is directly showing you that it wants to kiss you or be with you.

We are beings of instincts and if you attract him he will look at your mouth whenever you speak. It can be a very clear gesture that he likes you.

It’s good with you

If that person you are interested in treats you well, is kind to you, kind and gentlemanly and you notice that it is not so much with other people, you may feel something strong for you.

Try to be nice to yourself and treat yourself well to flatter you with small details. Also, if you praise and comment on positive things about yourself, it is more than clear that you admire and like them.

Your body language speaks for itself

One of the keys to know if we like a person or not is to look carefully at their body language and their non-verbal communication . The body speaks for itself and therefore we have to look at several aspects:

  • He likes you if he imitates your posture, approaches you or takes out his chest.
  • He does not like you if he crosses his arms. Unconsciously it is blocking you with your posture.

It gets nervous when you are close

Take into account the way you express yourself and speak when you are close to each other and see if you get nervous or not.

If you work together, check if you have a doubtful attitude, if you are rigid or if you think a lot before answering. Another detail to keep in mind is if you manage to blush with just your presence.

What are the signs to know if a boy likes you?

Questions that will give you the answer

Then we leave you some questions that you can ask to go answering whenever you have doubts about whether you like a person or not.

  1. Do you look me directly in the eyes?
  2. Does the look hold me up or does it push me away?
  3. Where do the tips of your feet point?
  4. Are you nervous if there is physical contact?

These are some questions you can ask yourself if you have doubts about whether a guy likes you or not, for example, in the case of the tips of your feet, make sure that if they point at you, it shows more interest and you could like.

There is no certain science in these themes of love, but it is true that there are several signs that repeat themselves. Be attentive to the next time to detect if you like them or if there is interest on your part.

What are the signs to know if a boy likes you?