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What are the warning signs of skin cancer and how to act?

Skin cancer is one of the most common

The incidence of this serious condition has grown considerably in recent times .

The main reason for this increase is lack of common sense when exposed to ultraviolet rays (whether solar or artificial, through tanning cameras).

The new paradigm of beauty identified as “perfect tanning “, in addition to a certain level of collective hysteria in trying to achieve it, has also conspired in the widespread mistreatment of the skin.

How to act to prevent skin cancer?

What are the warning signs of skin cancer and how to act?

Most specialists agree that it is not about hiding completely from the sun . Nor should we give up the dream of achieving the desired tan.

What is asked of people is wisdom, sanity and responsibility with their own well-being.

The use of of all those who perform activities in broad daylight, outside of enclosed spaces.

To use these products, it is not necessary to go to the beach: the harmful action of ultraviolet rays is as lethal in cities or in mountains as on the seashore.

All athletes who practice their practices outdoors and with sun should also take measures to protect the health of the dermis, in order to prevent skin cancer.

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The time of the beach

On the beach care should be extreme. Protective products should be placed at least 30 minutes before being exposed to the sun .

In addition, they should be applied regularly every two hours, after leaving the water or after practicing some physical activity that generates abundant perspiration.

  • Tanning chambers should not be part of an established routine .
  • Its excessive use can generate the same problems as walking under the sun by the sea at 12 a.m. without using sunscreen. That is, the possible appearance of skin cancer.

Garments and some accessories, such as hats, are equally useful to protect the body from direct action and without filters.

Moles and melanomas

What are the warning signs of skin cancer and how to act?

Keeping all moles on the skin under constant observation is one of the most efficient ways to detect the possible appearance of this disease.

At the slightest sign of a change visible to the naked eye, all alarm signals must be triggered. Likewise, the attention of a specialist doctor is required without delay.

We can not forget that some melanomas

Some of the unwanted changes that polka dots can present are:

  • Increase in size
  • Asymmetrical shapes
  • Not uniform edges

Also, they may also start to itch and bleed.

In some cases, points that were unicolors (black or brown), begin to acquire red, blue or white tonalities .

Other alarm signals

. The appearance of new spots, protuberances, sores or changes in texture (rough or extremely smooth to the touch) should also be taken care of.

Areas that bleed at the slightest contact, as well as wounds that do not heal, should also be checked by a specialist to minimize risks.

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Risk factors beyond UV rays

What are the warning signs of skin cancer and how to act?

Irresponsible exposure to sunlight or the frequent use of tanning booths and lamps are the main reasons for the appearance of skin cancer.

However, they are not the only risk factors.

Other issues that we can not ignore include:

Sunstroke, common in summer, can go from harmless, provided they are attended promptly by a specialist, to be a risk factor for skin cancer.

Early detection is key to overcoming the disease . Beyond any paranoid behavior, alarm signals that may be generated on the skin should always be attended without delay.

What are the warning signs of skin cancer and how to act?