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What do you feel when you really fall in love?

When we meet someone who makes us feel different, we begin to ask ourselves if we are falling in love. Although there are many concepts of there are certain emotional changes that allow us to know it.

Sometimes we have trouble accepting it, because we have never fallen in love or because we are afraid of not being reciprocated in the same way. However, little by little we realize that it is impossible to control what we feel.

Did your heart start to beat differently? Do you feel that you want to share your time with that person? Did you start projecting in the long term? If your answers are affirmative, it is likely that you are actually falling in love.

As we know that you may have doubts, then we share other signals to know if you are truly in love.

Do not stop thinking about that person

What do you feel when you really fall in love?

Is it your first thought of the day? Can you imagine moments at your side before you sleep? Then maybe you are already in love. If your image remains in your mind most of the day, the

When you think of that person you have a smile on your face and you feel a series of sensations throughout the body. If you could not see it for some reason, you miss it as if you had been separated for too long.

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You feel “butterflies” in your stomach

The “butterflies” in the stomach is true. Although it is not literal, it is those rare sensations that you perceive in the womb by having some kind of contact with that person.

The stomach is known as the second brain, since it also has neurons. In these cases both react and there is a tingling sensation or knot that elevates the euphoria and excitement.

Your heart beats fast

What do you feel when you really fall in love?

Since we are little we connect hearts with love. Have you heard about the overturn to the heart? When you fall in love this organ also shows signs.

By being close to that person, even when speaking through text messages, the heart speeds up more than normal and you can feel as if it were going to come out of the chest.

You feel your emotions altered

In the your emotions change incredibly. At first you feel a sense of happiness that you can not compare with anything.

The mixture of nerves, euphoria and attraction make you feel that there is nothing better.

As time goes by, you can feel that these emotions are balanced; although you still feel affection and attraction, you no longer get nervous or anxious to be with that person.

You want to spend time by your side

What do you feel when you really fall in love?

If you fall in love with someone you will want to share all your free time with that person. It is the most normal. During the first days, weeks and months you will look for one and a thousand excuses to live many experiences at your side.

However, if what you want is a you should keep in mind that you both need to spend time alone or with your friends .

Absorbing too much to the other is the first step towards failure.

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You worry about the other person

As you meet the person you like you begin to realize that it is very important in your life. Therefore, although at first you do not care too much, with the days you start to be more aware.

When things move on the right track you feel the need to know that you are well or help you solve your problems. At all times you will watch over their welfare.

You lose your fears

What do you feel when you really fall in love?

All your not always disappear; However, when you have the fortune to be next to someone you love and who loves you, the insecurities begin to disappear suddenly.

Together with that person you start to experience things that you thought you could not do before: climb, make unexpected trips or take on new challenges.

You idealize

When you fall in love you really start to idealize yourself with that person. You think that it is the best thing that has happened to you and you would like to share your with them.

Of course, this projection may vary for good or for bad as the relationship progresses. Sometimes it happens that the blindfold falls out of your eyes and you begin to see defects that you did not see before.

Do not be afraid to feel in love. Although many things can change with the passage of time, it is one of the best experiences we can go through.

What do you feel when you really fall in love?