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What is BRUXISM and how can we treat it?

Being all day gritting your teeth is a guaranteed headache!

If while you are reading this note you are squeezing your teeth, you have bruxism. Bruxism means that you squeeze your jaws and grind your teeth unconsciously. This can happen to you awake or asleep. Bruxism is closely related to anxiety pictures. Do you know what it causes?

-Ear and neck pain


-Weak and sensitive items

– Cascade teeth

– Pain when chewing

-Difficulties to sleep

However, you should know that bruxism is very common, since it affects 20% of the population and luckily it can be treated.


1) How bruxism is intrinsically related to anxiety, it is key that you perform exercises to calm your nerves. Before going to sleep, it is a good idea to have a relaxing linden tea and take a warm bath of hot water. Of course, it is highly recommended to perform therapy and anti-stress treatments. Some may be to squeeze a small rubber ball in your hand to release tension on the other hand other than your jaws.

You can also do self-relaxation exercises, such as lying on your back on the floor before going to sleep, take a deep breath and mentalize yourself in a place where you would like to be at that moment, imagine the environment that surrounds you, what aromas and noises would be there. Everything that relaxes you, will be beneficial to treat bruxism. Obviously, if you need to consult a doctor to take deeper measures, do not hesitate to do so: a consultation with a professional is always the first step to treat a disease.

2) Do not chew pencils , or anything that is not food.

3) Do not drink coffee or sodas with caffeine: they can release adrenaline that will make you numb the muscles of the oral cavity.

4) If you squeeze your teeth while you sleep , you should consult a dentist. Your dentist will make a splint for you to use moments before going to sleep to alleviate the tensions of your jaws.

5) To relax the muscles of your jaws, it is a good idea to apply heat with a towel soaked in hot water.

6) Before going to sleep , chew carrots or an apple to relax the numbness of your jaws.

7) Avoid being all day chewing gum: that way, your jaws will get used to being chewed all the time.

8) When you are squeezing your teeth , become aware of it: put your tongue between your jaw to relax your muscles and massage that area.

9) Bruxism is related to stress, anxiety, competitiveness that concerns the day to day of today’s life. Bruxism is a symptom of nervousness: if you suffer from it, you know that it is due to a deeper cause. An anxiety picture can be treated with the help of a doctor, doing therapy and an inner work that has to do with reaching a state of greater relaxation. If you are tense and nervous all day, you may need help. Do not hesitate to look for it where you feel most comfortable!

What is BRUXISM and how can we treat it?
A plastic sleeve to protect your teeth is the solution in case of bruxism

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What is BRUXISM and how can we treat it?