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What is macrobiotic food?

In its definition, macrobiotic food or food is a way of eating based on the balance of Yin-Yang. The traditions of the East have been adapted not only in food, but also in medicine and spirituality. Especially cereals and other grasses are consumed.

Macrobiotic food: history and basic principles

Its creator was the Japanese Georges Ohsawa, in 1957. He was in charge of making known the macrobiotic doctrine in the Western world. It is based on Zen Buddhism and Chinese medicine. When Yin and Yang are in balance, there is no disease and serenity and tolerance are achieved . Some characteristics of the macrobiotic diet:

-25% of the daily intake is thanks to vegetables and vegetables

-50% of the daily diet is based on whole grains, such as millet, rice, wheat, barley, corn and oats.

-15% of the consumption is of vegetables

– You should drink two cups of soup per day, of miso or tamari with vegetables and seaweed.

It is allowed to consume white fish twice a week and chicken or turkey only in a special event.

-The eggs should be fertilized and eat one every ten days

-The fruits must be eaten cooked or dried and sometimes fresh

Never drink during the meal, always after and in small sips . The water must be warm, you can also choose cereal coffee or Bancha Tea.

What foods are not allowed in the macrobiotic diet?

This list is the one that you should keep in mind if you want to carry out a macrobiotic diet, since they are prohibited or it is recommended to avoid:

-breasts red

-animal fats

-dairy products





-tropical fruits


-speaks strong




-food with chemical fertilizers

What is macrobiotic food? Aspects that can not be missed

These are the essential components that must be present every day in a macrobiotic diet:

– marine algae, such as lotus, kuzu and mebosi

-sal marina, to balance the dishes

In addition, some common practices are:

-The “yanguización” of the foods is the preparation and special flavoring

-The chewing of the food should be prolonged

-It is necessary to be sober

-Get pleasure through food

-It should be eaten in quiet environments without noise

– Alcohol and tobacco are allowed in small quantities if there are no health problems

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What is macrobiotic food?