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What is metabolic age and how to improve it?

Metabolic age represents the state of health that our body has in reality. This can differ considerably from the biological age, therefore, they do not have to be coincidental.

Sometimes we look in the mirror and think about issues like: “I look much older than I am”. But little we do about it. Or maybe we believe that we have already done everything when, in reality, there are still very simple strategies to put into practice.

On the other hand, when we attend a social gathering, we notice that our schoolmate continues to have the same jovial spirit as always and we perceive it even more fresh.

So we ask ourselves: how is it possible that, for some, the years do not pass? Well, we will find all the answers in the concept of: metabolic age.

How to calculate the metabolic age?

What is metabolic age and how to improve it?

Usually a health professional can perform this calculation during a medical evaluation. We recommend that you opt for what your doctor tells you, instead of being guided by the gym’s trainers (who also offer the calculation of the metabolic age within their services).

However, you can perform this calculation yourself, approximately, if you have the following information:

  • Age.
  • Height.
  • Diameter of the waist.
  • Weight and muscle mass index.

Once you have all this data you can use the metabolic age Only your doctor can give you a safe answer.

Now, what the calculator does is a comparison of the basal metabolism of the person with respect to an average of people of the same age group and similar physical conditions.

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What is the basal metabolism?

The basal metabolism is the indicator of the It is directly related to the calories we must consume to meet this energy expenditure.

“We eat exactly the same, but I get fat for the two” Many people usually make this comment and it is not a sensation. This happens because they have a different basal metabolism.

There are people who do digestion faster than others and their energy expenditure is higher. Which is why, those who have a higher rate of muscle mass make greater energy expenditure, and this increases their metabolism.

What factors influence?

What is metabolic age and how to improve it?
  • Age.
  • Hormones
  • Musculature.
  • Family heritage.
  • Food and
  • Diseases related to the thyroid.
  • Frequency with which physical activities are carried out.

All these factors can influence our metabolic age, but they are not an excuse for us to stop improving if we need it.

How does knowing our metabolic age help us?

The fact of being aware of the metabolic age will help us to have control of our health. We must always try to be equal to or less than our chronological age. Knowing what state our body is in will allow us to:

  • Improve our condition and physical appearance.
  • Plan future actions to improve metabolism.
  • Know the daily calories that we must consume to be healthy.
  • Take the reins of our lives if we want to be healthy much longer.
  • Prevent future diseases caused by excess fat or muscle loss.

Can we reduce the metabolic age?

The answer is yes. The first step is to make the decision. To begin to obtain improvements in the health of our body we must change some habits of life.

Willpower will be a key factor in this endeavor. The plan to rejuvenate our body includes three fundamental aspects that are very easy to improve in a short time.

Physical activity

What is metabolic age and how to improve it?

Performing a daily workout will favor our metabolism because the musculature develops and a greater energy expenditure is generated.

Exercising at least 30 minutes a day helps reduce metabolic age and have a lighter appearance.

In addition, calories are burned during the It is important to include walks, some aerobic activities and also weight-lifting exercises.

Healthy diet

It is imperative that we forget the fried foods and junk foods. You have to look for healthy foods and increase the intake of vegetables, lean meats, cereals and

Having established schedules of daily meals, and not skip any, is also essential. It is also recommended to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and improve our metabolism.

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Sleep well

What is metabolic age and how to improve it?

The body needs to have its rest hours in order to function properly . Some measures that you can apply to get a better rest and have a quality dream.They are:

  1. Take a bath or a hot shower.
  2. Take a warm infusion before going to sleep.
  3. Clear our mind through reading.
  4. Perform certain yoga postures that induce relaxation and, therefore, sleep.

If these three factors are met, the changes will begin to be noticed very soon. Our body will begin to look more youthful and our health will improve significantly.

What is metabolic age and how to improve it?