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What is metabolism? Do you have a fast or slow metabolism?

Metabolism is a function of our body that is responsible for transforming nutrients into energy .

Sometimes, due to different factors that influence our health, this can be faster or slower than normal. This imbalance can cause us more or less serious symptoms.

Discover in this article what is the metabolism and what are the consequences when it does not work in the right way , as well as the most appropriate diet for your case.

What is metabolism?

Metabolism is a set of physical and chemical processes that take place in cells. Through these changes, the nutrients in the food are transformed into energy.

The energy produced by the metabolism is used in different vital functions:

  • Breathing
  • Digestion
  • Circulation
  • Body temperature
  • Elimination of waste through the kidneys and intestine

Metabolism also affects energy expenditure . For this reason, this function is always taken into account when some people fail to lose weight despite following strict diets.

It is, therefore, fundamental, to follow the proper diet and regulate the metabolism naturally.

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Symptoms of slow metabolism

What is metabolism? Do you have a fast or slow metabolism?

People with a slow metabolism are characterized by the following symptoms:

Symptoms of rapid metabolism

People with a rapid metabolism are characterized by the following symptoms:

  • Difficulty to put on weight Fat accumulates in the arms and abdomen.
  • Constant appetite
  • Poor absorption of nutrients in the intestine.
  • Excess of energy
  • Tendency to nervousness and
  • Difficulty falling asleep.

Metabolism and diet

What is metabolism? Do you have a fast or slow metabolism?

There is a nutritionist theory according to which there is a relationship between the metabolic type and preferences when eating .

From this perspective, it is essential to know the type of food that best suits us to be healthy and prevent overweight.

Diet for the fast metabolic type

The fast metabolic type corresponds to people with a good appetite who always prefer foods rich in fat and protein. Almost always opt for salty options instead of sweets.

If it is our case, to maintain a balanced weight we must reduce the consumption of carbohydrates, especially sweets and refined flours .

However, it is also very important not to exceed the consumption of animal protein. We will try to combine it with vegetable proteins such as legumes and nuts.

Fats are not harmful, as long as we opt for those of good quality:

We must not forget to combine these portions of protein and fats with a good amount of raw vegetables. We can take them in juices and gazpachos, smoothies or salads.

If we have a lot of appetite we should make several meals a day and not skip any of them.

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Diet for the slow metabolic type

What is metabolism? Do you have a fast or slow metabolism?

People with a slow metabolic rate tend to gain weight and feel fatigue, despite not eating too much. In this sense, the best solution is based on adopting a proper diet.

  • The preference is usually sweet, which is a temptation that, in general, is not healthy. It would be advisable to always consume healthy carbohydrates, made with sweeteners such as stevia and wholemeal flours.

Oats, for example, is an excellent cereal to make all kinds of satisfying and delicious sweets.

  • It is essential to reduce salt intake , which usually causes swelling and .
  • When you have a slow metabolism, you usually look for energy in stimulants such as coffee or cola drinks.

As an alternative, we suggest preparing our own energy drinks with fruits,

  • We must control the consumption of fats . We will consume them in moderate quantities and we will choose the same ones that we have recommended for rapid metabolism.
  • Drinking water throughout the day , fasting and outside meals, will also help us to accelerate metabolism.

What is metabolism? Do you have a fast or slow metabolism?