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What is the best environment to practice yoga?

The environment to practice yoga must meet certain requirements for the class to be optimal. The yoga class will be your space to clear the mind and connect with the spiritual energy. Therefore, the place must transmit peace and tranquility to be able to perform the postures.

The space for the yoga class can be in a studio, a gym or in your own home. Wherever you do it, there must be certain requirements for practice. You can take the option to do yoga outdoors, but you must prepare the place for the class .

Doing yoga does not imply improvisation, the activity can not be done in all places . The class should prepare and organize the postures and exercises of the day. Each practice will have a different energy, so the planning will determine the mood of the participants.

Yoga teaching methods affirm that through discipline we can nourish and honor our heart, so that we do not alienate ourselves from it; enter a quieter emotional space, a place of silence that, without effort, generates

If you are a beginner in yoga you must know what is the best environment to practice. Grab your mat, let the energies flow and enjoy the class.

Large space

The space for the yoga class should be large enough . An open living room or outdoor space will be ideal for practice, because a variety of static and dynamic postures will be performed that require space.

Other people will be in the class and if the space is small, it will be uncomfortable. Even if you , you must clear the area to move easily. In yoga, flowing with the movements is the essence, and the space will determine the fluidity of the body.

It is important that the floor of the space is flat to be able to place the mat and have stability when making the positions. The floor will be the strong energy to maintain balance; thus, an unstable floor will be uncomfortable and you will not be able to concentrate on the practice .

What is the best environment to practice yoga?

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Quiet atmosphere

The environment should be calm, there should be a maximum

If the space has noises around, it is impossible to be centered and relaxed . The distracting elements such as the cell phone must be isolated . During the class you can use relaxing music to allow the energies to flow and concentrate on the postures.

The space for yoga will be your sacred place, where you will disconnect from worries. The tranquility of this place will help you maintain the connection between body and soul.

Neutral temperature

The temperature of the space must be neutral . Sufficiently comfortable to be able to do exercises without feeling oppressed by heat, but also allowing degrees of relaxation. The only modality that requires a temperature of 40 ºC for practice is Bikram Yoga , which is ideal for losing weight .

A class with a lot of cold or heat will deviate the concentration, since you will not be able to perform the postures correctly. The temperature of the class will be elementary to maintain the tranquility required in yoga .

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Clean and harmonious place

Cleanliness and harmony in the elements of the place are necessary for the yoga class. A clean and orderly place will cause the energies to flow, the dirt and disorder give the sensation of chaos. Yoga seeks to maintain harmony, leaving chaos aside.

The room can have spiritual elements according to the type of yoga you practice, but they should not divert attention from the environment . The balance between the elements will allow the energetic stability of the place.

What is the best environment to practice yoga?

Adequate lighting

The ambient lighting to practice yoga should be with natural light or clarity in space. Yoga is light and energy , a dark room can lead to a feeling of limitation or lack of “air”.

Use the energy of the sun if you are outdoors, to renew the air and the energy with which we breathe. Enjoy the class and fill the soul with energy.

The atmosphere for the yoga class will be decisive to give you peace and tranquility during practice . Enjoy the moment: the yoga class will be your space to rediscover and balance your inner energy.

What is the best environment to practice yoga?