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What is the best sport for you according to your personality

Did you know that not all types of exercise are recommended for all people ? According to our personality, our routine or our levels of activity and energy we must find what is the best sport for each one.

Discover in this article what physical activity we can do to improve our quality of life.

Can I find the best sport for me?

Sport is essential to keep us in shape, to prevent health problems and achieve a balanced weight. We should exercise two or three times a week and, if possible, combine different types.

However, if we want to get the most out of it and not be a sacrifice but something motivating, we must find the best sport for us.

The key is in our personality. However, factors such as our dynamics during the day, the type of work we do, our energy levels, if we are

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1. Self-demanding

What is the best sport for you according to your personality

There is a very self-demanding person profile, with a great ambition to achieve good results in what is proposed. The positive part is that they are perseverant and try their best.

However, they are too strict with themselves, mistakes are not forgiven and they tend to suffer from health problems. The most frequent are muscle stiffness and contractures.

The best sport for these people should have a relaxing effect that favors physical and mental flexibility.

The can be a good choice, as long as it is not also a matter of self – imposed. In addition, we can combine it with stretching exercises at least once a week.

2. Perez0sas or fatigued

There are people who intend to exercise but who feel that they lack

For those who have these characteristics, we recommend to start practicing sports at intervals.

  • This consists of performing high intensity exercises for short periods of time, alternated with short breaks.
  • In this way, the metabolism is accelerated, energy is increased, fat is burned and muscular toning is favored.
  • We can increase the time and intensity progressively. The result is very satisfactory for those who practice it.

3. Nervous

What is the best sport for you according to your personality

People of a nervous nature can find a healthy balance by playing sports that help them

One of them is Tai Chi, a Chinese technique of rhythmic and coordinated movements that aims to achieve inner balance and release energy .

Millions of people around the world, men and women, practice this sport today.

4. Stressed

Those who are experiencing a

A good option is swimming, which is relaxing physically and mentally, thanks to the healing effect of water . While we float or dive, worries take on a lighter and more distant dimension.

It is also highly recommended to look for sports that lead us to a greater contact with nature . For example, swim in the river or the beach or go on excursions.

We can even combine them with family games, walk barefoot and enjoy free time.

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5. Very active

What is the best sport for you according to your personality

When a person is very active, without living an excess of nervousness or stress, you can opt for some type of cardiovascular sport.

Exercises such as dancing or aerobics will help you burn calories, speed up your metabolism, improve your night rest and, at the same time, enjoy yourself.

Nowadays there is a great amount of cardiovascular exercises that adapt to the tastes and needs of each person. It also depends on whether we want to focus more on muscle toning, coordination, etc.

6. Aggressive

People of strong genius or with aggressive tendencies, as well as adolescents with behavioral problems, may find a way out in martial arts.

These old techniques combine methods of struggle and personal defense while reinforcing psychology itself. The person must have confidence in himself and cunning and intelligence to know how to use his own strength.

What is the best sport for you according to your personality