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What is the effect of the Moon on humans?

The moon is the natural satellite of planet earth . It gives us an incredible view and thousands of stories have been created around it. And, without a doubt, the moon attracts, inspires and blows the imagination of all human beings.

It is said that the moon affects the tide , but also that it has some influence on our behavior. In this way, our mood and our decisions change in the same way that the lunar phases change.

It is also believed that the moon influences sleep , especially when it is full. During this phase, people tend to take longer to fall

The most popular beliefs

The idea that the moon has a certain influence on human behavior has been fostered for thousands of years. It is believed that his energy is so powerful that it is capable of changing our lives.

On the other hand, since ancient times, it is believed that the moon has an effect on tides, crops, animals and human emotions.

To date, no definitive proof has been obtained that validates the accumulation of beliefs that exist. However, this has not been an impediment for people to continue sharing their beliefs and carry out activities according to the phase.

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Lunar phases and their effects

What is the effect of the Moon on humans?

New Moon

This phase lasts approximately 3 days. It is said that this is the phase indicated to detoxify the body.

This phase is considered as a beginning of new things and that is why it is ideal to start new routines, to change habits that we do not like or benefit. It is also an ideal stage for calm and

First quarter

What is the effect of the Moon on humans?

During this phase, the satellite is only half visible. It is said that this phase is about prosperity , health and vitality. If you want to start a new project, a business or start doing physical activity, this is the best time.

It is believed that the crescent moon brings positive energy to human beings and that it influences their actions in the same way. It is also common to be told that during this moon phase it is good to so that it grows faster, stronger and brighter.

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full moon

This is the phase in which the moon is completely round and radiant with sunlight. This encourages behavioral changes in human beings. These can range from

The full moon is associated with euphoria and excess , but also with fullness and achievement. In this phase it is said that everyone becomes “lunatic” because the energy of the moon is greater than usual.

Fourth quarter

What is the effect of the Moon on humans?

The fourth waning represents the “death” of the celestial body. It is the last phase before the cycle is renewed. It is said that this is the time to make decisions and mature. On the other hand, it is believed that problems and negative mental states decrease during this lunar phase.

4 most common myths about their influence

1. It promotes fertility

It is said that during the full moon there are more chances of becoming pregnant. Especially if you sleep under the light of the full moon. On the other hand, there is a belief that the moon, in general, favors the fertility of

2. Increase of passion in full moon

What is the effect of the Moon on humans?

This has always been a romantic element for human beings.

3. Marry in a crescent

According to the encourages the union of the couple . In other words, it makes marriage prosperous and long-lasting. This is because it is considered that everything that takes place in the “growth” phase has a positive influence on the other areas.

4. The blood moon

What is the effect of the Moon on humans?

When the moon has a reddish hue it is considered to be full of “blood”. According to the myth, in these moments, the energy that transmits is detrimental to human beings, since it accentuates the grudges and hatreds that they have.

What is the effect of the Moon on humans?