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What properties do leeks have?

Leeks are very tasty and low-fat vegetables, which belong to the genus Allium, which includes onions , chives and garlic; They are slightly sweet and can be prepared sautéed with other vegetables, steamed or prepare broths or soups among other dishes, offering a great amount of nutritional and medicinal benefits.


– Leeks are one of the best sources of dietary fiber , which help to satiate the body.

– They are rich in vitamin B9 or folic acid , which helps the body to generate new cells and keeps blood healthy to oxygenate the organism.

– They provide calcium that strengthens bones and teeth and ensures that muscles and nerves are functioning at full capacity.

– They are an important source of potassium, which balances the body’s water and pH levels.

– They provide vitamin C to repair body tissues.

– Help reduce LDL cholesterol and increase HDL levels.

– Reduce the risk of cancer of the prostate, colon and ovary.

– They contain diuretic and antiarthritic properties .


Leek has anti-bacterial properties, and although it is not as potent as garlic , leeks contain a compound called alliinase, and when the leeks are cut, the aliinase reacts with oxygen to form a sulfur compound called allicin.

-bacteria que puede provocar infecciones cutáneas y de las mucosas y las que pueden afectar al aparato gastrointestinal- . In a study carried out in 2004 in the ” British Journal of Biomedical Science “, the antibacterial efficacy of allicin was successfully tested against Staphylococcus aureus – bacteria that can cause skin and mucous infections and those that can affect the gastrointestinal tract .

Allicin is inactivated by heat , so if you want to get all the benefits of leeks, keep it cut for about 10 minutes before cooking, to enjoy all its benefits.


Fluid retention or edema is the accumulation of fluid in the interstitial spaces between cells, being most noticeable in the feet, ankles, fingers or face . Inflammation is usually a symptom of an underlying disease or condition, such as kidney or liver disease, or exposure to heat; Leeks are suitable to support medical treatment due to their diuretic properties.


Leeks are a rich source of vitamin A or anti-infective vitamin , since 100 grams of leeks contain approximately 33% of the recommended daily dose. It keeps the coatings of the mucosa of the nose, throat, urinary tract and digestive tract healthy and intact; In addition to developing and activating white blood cells.

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What properties do leeks have?