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What to know about the Hibiscus?

Also known as Hibiscus, it is a plant that grows in tropical and subtropical climates. In fact, it is an immense genus of herbaceous plants, all with very colorful flowers (pink, yellow, orange, red, etc), five petals and a kind of “tube” in the center, where the seeds are deposited. It is consumed mostly as an infusion, recommended for cases of hypertension.

What to know about the Hibiscus? Applications

It can be cultivated for its beautiful flowers, for landscaping or decoration of gardens and parks, in addition, one of the subspecies is used to make paper. The “Jamaica rose” is a vegetable that is also used in herbal tea and salads . The “Jamaica water” is made with the Hibiscus chalices and in some countries like Egypt the petals are used to make the infusions. It is known in Chinese herbal medicine as ancestral medicine.

What to know about the Hibiscus? Benefits

There are several advantages offered by Hibiscus tea in the body, since it is a natural source of nutrients. It is especially recommended for those who suffer from circulatory or heart problems, because it almost does not contain exciting substances, and can be drunk by anyone. Unlike what is believed, the Hibiscus does not generate addiction.

Reduces hypertension and blood circulation, thanks to its relaxing components. In addition, it contains large amounts of ascorbic and citric acids, both antioxidants that protect cells from free radicals and do not allow them to deteriorate or age. It is interesting for those who practice sports, because they suffer greater internal oxidation.

On the other hand, it has flavonoids, regulating the pressure and turns it into anticarcinogenic and antimicrobial, defending the body from the attacks of bacteria and viruses, raising the defenses.

Hibiscus is not harmful to health and contraindications for its consumption have not been found so far.

How to prepare hibiscus tea?

The hibiscus infusion is made with the flowers of this plant. It is very refreshing and you can add honey, sugar, cinnamon or lemon for a unique flavor. Simply put four cups of water to heat and put out the fire when it breaks the boil. Incorporate 8 fresh Hibiscus flowers or two tablespoons of dried petals. Add cinnamon if you prefer a strong tea.

Let stand for 20 minutes and strain. Place the juice of a lemon or honey to sweeten. You can drink warm or add some ice for a drink ideal for summer. One of the most interesting infusions for our health.

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What to know about the Hibiscus?