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What we should never mix in a good diet

A good diet is based on a complete and balanced diet, which includes healthy foods cooked according to healthy cooking methods.

However, the way in which we will combine them is also fundamental, which can add or subtract benefits for our health.

Discover in this article how we should mix food properly to help us improve digestive function, have a healthy weight and prevent diseases.

A good diet should be combined well

What we should never mix in a good diet

Why do we emphasize the importance of the combination of foods so that our diet is balanced?

Because some are digested in very different ways and, if we mix them, we will hinder the digestive process, reduce the assimilation of nutrients and even fatten more easily.

Therefore, it is not only about counting knowing which combinations we should do and which ones not to improve our diet .

In this way we will notice a great improvement in many ways with very little effort.

The main key to avoid making harmful mixtures is to simplify and avoid too many different foods in the same meal.

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A bit of everything…

We have always heard that we have to eat everything. However, this theory has been losing strength because not all foods are good for everyone .

Some people do not digest milk or gluten well, who can not eat fruit fasting or who swells if they eat salad.

In addition to finding the foods that suit us, we must learn to eat them in due course .

Although it is true that you have to eat protein, carbohydrates and fat, raw and cooked foods, etc., we can not pretend to consume everything in every meal.

Fruits, better alone

What we should never mix in a good diet

One of the most important bases of good nutrition is to avoid mixing fruits with one another or with other foods .


It will be perfect if you take it as breakfast, mid-morning or mid-afternoon.

The habit of eating dessert fruits, especially those that are very acidic or very sweet, can worsen digestion, cause flatulence and swelling and make us gain weight more easily, as they ferment faster than other foods.

A single protein

Protein is essential in any diet, whether it is of vegetable or animal origin, but we must choose only one type in each meal.

It is not recommended to mix any of these groups, due to its complexity in amino acids:

Some famous mixtures such as rice dishes of meat and fish (“sea and mountain”) or stews of meat and vegetables are very difficult for many people to digest.

The best accompaniment for a portion of any of these proteins is vegetable without starch (salad, gazpacho, vegetables, etc.), as it would facilitate their digestion and add the necessary amounts of vitamins and minerals.

Dairy, better solos

What we should never mix in a good diet

A piece of cheese, a glass of milk or a yogurt can be a good appetizer to get rid of hunger in the middle of the morning or mid afternoon.

However, they are not a good complement in a complete meal.

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The vegetables go well with everything

A good salad is an excellent accompaniment to any type of dish, whether it carries proteins, fats or carbohydrates.

The only vegetables that do not combine with all foods are those that contain starches , such as pumpkin,

We must consume them more moderately, as if they were cereals, since their nutritional values ​​are similar.

Drinks outside meals

Drinks are also a part of the diet that we should separate from main meals.

If we drink water or other drinks with food, we will hinder the work of gastric juices and we will feel swollen .

On the other hand, if we get used to drinking on an empty stomach, outside meals or for a while before starting to eat, we will greatly improve the digestive function and the cleansing capacity of our body.

What we should never mix in a good diet