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When Little Red Riding Hood confronted her fears she dressed in the skin of the wolf

Fears are like those predators that wait in the forest of our everyday environments, stalking us, watching us with their wolf skin.

At times, we feel vulnerable, like a Little Red Riding Hood who, as a rite of passage, must start a new stage going into those unknown scenarios.

Where to challenge yourself, get to know each other and find out where your own limits lie.

To live is to explore and is, first of all, to have to fight each day with our own insecurities and fears to prevent them from overcoming us.

Only then can we rise as self-sufficient creatures, which do not allow themselves to be deceived, of those who trust in their sense of smell , in their intuition and in their own experience.

Today in our space we propose that you do it, that you leave aside the cover of your fears and embrace your wolves to lead your own pack, there where nothing and nobody can defeat you.

Your fears are your predators

When Little Red Riding Hood confronted her fears she dressed in the skin of the wolf

Fears have a basic purpose for our survival. They put us on alert, they are our detection mechanism against any risk that could put us in danger.

  • Once our brain processes a threat, instantly the adrenaline and neurotransmitters that accelerate our heart rate and tense our muscles to invite us to “escape”.
  • In our past these mechanisms had the exclusive purpose of protecting us against multiple real predators.
  • However, to this day, those threats and those predators are different. In fact, they are so different that they rarely have a body, shape and a defined presence.

In the XXI century the most common predators are in our heads and even camouflaged sometimes as best friends or couples.

, nuestro derecho a ser dignos, valientes y personas capaces de vivir en equilibrio y armonía con lo que nos rodea. It is necessary to identify them and discover all that, internal or external, which is capable of stealing our happiness , our right to be worthy, courageous and capable of living in balance and harmony with what surrounds us.

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The predator of your insecurity

We all have a voice, we have our rights, our virtues and our strengths.

However, sometimes, we leave aside our qualities to lower our face and give in to what others tell us, order us or simply wait for us.

  • Becoming mere puppets of the dictates of others steals our dignity , day by day and moment by moment.
  • In these cases, we can not blame anyone for our unhappiness: the predator resides in our own interior, not outside.

We must be able to dress with our wolf skin to recover courage, to run again in freedom and practice that assertiveness that praises and defends, that respects and respects.

The external predator that says “you can not, you do not know, you do not deserve”

When Little Red Riding Hood confronted her fears she dressed in the skin of the wolf

In our daily lives, in those personal maps in which we move daily, they hide, almost strategically, different predators that erode us implacably.

  • Sometimes it is the family itself, which prevents us from growing, tripping our right to be creators of our destiny and our choices.
  • On other occasions, they are affective couples, who confuse love with domination, affection with manipulation.
  • Also in jobs, or children in their school contexts, they are often vetoed in their right to be unique, different, to do things in their own way, to demonstrate their abilities …

Predators are of many kinds, but those that abound in excess are those that pluck wings and those that veto freedoms.

The predator that anchors you to your past and that prevents you from moving forward

We are all our stories, we are all our past. However, everything that happened in yesterday defines us, but it does not determine us.

  • One of the worst internal predators is the one that refers to that past that does not prevent us from moving forward to transform ourselves into someone stronger .
  • Walking forward implies leaving a good part of those stones that add so much weight to our emotional backpack.
  • It is necessary to release part of the burden through acceptance, forgiveness and personal confrontation where one decides to stay with the good and not be poisoned by bad memories .

Let’s be resilient, accept yesterday and be like that wolf pack wise and free that looks to the future with hope and without fears.

Predators that take away the air, tranquility, happiness

When Little Red Riding Hood confronted her fears she dressed in the skin of the wolf

There are predators that trap us in their grip of pessimism, discouragement and constant worry.

  • They are thieves of calm, artisans of bad humor and those storms that enter our mind taking us away from happiness.
  • Identify them, recognize their tricks and manage the impact they may have on your life to filter their negativity , and feel at peace, feel safe from that toxicity .

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We propose to put into practice these tips with which, without doubt, to be that shy and naive Little Red Riding Hood and become wise creatures, energetic, vital and capable of transforming their reality to be happier.

When Little Red Riding Hood confronted her fears she dressed in the skin of the wolf