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When talking to the couple is like talking to the wall

Communication in relationships is very important . However, more times than we think, trying to have a conversation with the couple is like talking to the wall.

There is like a wall that prevents a fluid communication, where both parties can express their opinions to find a meeting point before the differences that may arise.

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Why does this happen? If we love our partner so much, why do we build this barrier?

The fault lies with the other

When talking to the couple is like talking to the wall

As we can see in other types of relationships, such as friendship, we tend to hold others accountable for things that only we are responsible for .

We wash our hands, we do not want to admit that we have part or all of the blame. This happens because we believe that our point of view is the only accurate and valid one.

When talking with the couple is difficult, it is because we act in this way. We end up arguing without reaching any consensus , since the tendency is to shout “you are to blame”.

In this way, the discussion becomes useless, which can even damage the relationship due to dirty clothes that can be taken out or out of tone words that can be said and that will significantly affect our relationship.

For all this, we have to start being more empathetic and not believing ourselves to be such perfect beings. We must look to ourselves and ask ourselves what have I done that is not right? What could be improved?

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  • The other is not the only one that has to improve, change and adapt to what we want.
  • We also have to accept the other as he is, and modify that perception that we are always right and that the fault lies with the other.

Nobody has to change. Nobody has to bear any guilt. The two members that make up a relationship should give their points of view, different, but to reach a common point .

See beyond the wall

When talking to the couple is like talking to the wall

Because of the guilt, talking with the couple is like talking to a wall because the other does not want to see beyond its wall, and neither do we .

However, here we give you some clues so that this wall can even be demolished to allow a fluid communication and be successful despite different points of view.

  • Your partner can see reality in a different way than you , but that does not mean it is not valid. Accepting this will allow you to put yourself in their place, give your own opinion and reach a fair agreement.
  • Empathy is a very important skill that few people empower. Putting yourself in the shoes of your partner will allow you not to deny yourself outright and impose your own vision of things.

In addition, it will help you to treat the topics with more tact.

  • Do not reject something just because you do not like it . There are people whose first answer is usually “no”. You have to be more open, because there are always possibilities.

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Things are not always how we see them. There is much beyond that wall that we have created, after which we protect ourselves and damage our relationships.

Let’s be more flexible, more understanding. Let’s not impose our truth. Only in this way, we can avoid that talking with the couple is like talking to a wall.

The importance of listening

When talking to the couple is like talking to the wall

Talking with the couple can be talking against a wall because our partner does not listen to us or because we ourselves do not listen to it in due time.

Active listening is part of a healthy communication and it does not hurt to pay due attention.

Many people do not listen, but later claim to be heard. However, first you have to apply the story …

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Have you experienced this talk with the couple so uncomfortable? Listening to the other, not imposing our own reality and discussing with meaning will allow you to reach a satisfactory meeting point for both.

The communication is very important. This can determine the future of the relationship , so let’s start paying attention and taking care of it.

When talking to the couple is like talking to the wall