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White clay and turmeric to soothe skin itching

People who suffer from skin itching on a regular basis usually calm them with creams , natural remedies or talcum powder.

Not everyone works the same products and, in addition, some can be harmful to long-term health.

In this article we propose a natural remedy to mitigate skin itching based on white clay and turmeric. It will allow us to calm it down, reduce inflammation and provide the necessary minerals for its healing.

On talcum powder

White clay and turmeric to soothe skin itching

The main ingredient is magnesium silicate (silicon, magnesium, oxygen and hydrogen).

However, in its natural form also contains asbestos, a toxic substance that could be related to some types of cancer .

Therefore, first of all we must make sure that they are free of this component.

Talcum powder, which may also include perfumes, phthalates or other irritating and harmful substances , is often used to prevent excess moisture in the skin, irritation and itching.

For this reason we propose to replace them with a natural remedy that can be used in the same way and that, not only does it have no health risks, but it has healing properties.

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The white clay

White clay and turmeric to soothe skin itching

In addition to providing a variety of minerals with healing properties, clay has the ability to absorb toxic substances and drag them outward.

These properties work both internally, if we consume white clay (for oral use specified) and if we apply it on the skin.

For this reason it has been, since antiquity, a remedy for multiple diseases when applied in the form of poultices and cataplasms.

In the case of skin itching, clay remineralizes the affected area, soothes and deflates, while it is an alternative to talcum powder without any risk to health.

Although there are many types of clay, of different colors, white is one of the most suitable for


In addition, if we consume it, it is a digestive remedy that protects the function of the liver and with antidepressant virtues.

The consumption of turmeric can help us to enhance its benefits both to combat skin itching and health in general.

We recommend avoiding using it on the skin since, although the proportion we propose is low, it could be dyed yellow.

Remedy to relieve skin itching

White clay and turmeric to soothe skin itching

Below we detail how to prepare and use this remedy to prevent and combat skin itching naturally.


We can prepare the quantity that we want, always following this approximate proportion of the two ingredients:

  • 80% white clay fine powder
  • 20% turmeric powder

We can find these products in herbalists and some pharmacies.


  • To prepare this remedy we only have to mix the two ingredients well so that they are well integrated.
  • We will avoid using plastic or metal utensils and containers , which would detract properties from the clay. We will opt for the crystal ones instead.
  • Once mixed, we will keep it in a hermetically sealed jar. It can be very useful to use a salt cellar or similar container, always made of glass , in order to facilitate the application of the remedy on the skin.

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  • We can apply this remedy whenever we feel itchy skin or to prevent them in vulnerable areas, in the same way that we would with talcum powder.
  • With this remedy we will calm the skin, relieve inflammation, prevent infections and provide minerals.
  • We will always avoid the area of ​​the eyes and mucous membranes.
  • We must bear in mind that the turmeric can dye the clothes clear , reason why we will extend it well before dressing us.

White clay and turmeric to soothe skin itching