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Why and how to increase zinc in your diet

When it comes to nutrition, we usually focus on vitamins and forget about minerals .

At best, we think about calcium, because of the commitment that our parents made to take milk to grow.

However, there are others that are also very important for our health, since they have a strong impact on the cellular and immune system .

Although it is not popular, there was knowledge of this issue.

Knowing this, the researcher Janet King and her team have wanted to advance in this field.

For this, they have carried out a the benefits of increasing zinc in our diet are much more powerful than we thought.

Do you want to meet them?

A small increase in zinc revolutionizes our metabolism

Why and how to increase zinc in your diet

As we said, this mineral has important advantages, what was unknown is the power of it.

According to the head of the mentioned research, it was also a surprise for the team to discover that increasing zinc slightly produces enormous effects on the metabolism .

The results helped Dr. King to defend a thesis she had always supported: food processes are essential for health care.

Thus, the clinical trial has revealed to us that the substance has many more capabilities than reinforcing our defenses.

In addition, it influences the creation of DNA and the origin of energy . This happens because it optimizes the functioning of the enzymes that assimilate

Consequently, it is vital to reduce oxidative stress , that is, the problems derived from the passage of time and the wear and tear of our organs, muscles and bones.


What foods to consume to increase zinc consumption

1. Veal

2. Cow’s liver

Why and how to increase zinc in your diet
  • In general, the liver is a viscera that consists of a good supply of zinc, but the liver is the best for our purpose.
  • To give you an idea, with 100 grams, you will get 12 mg of the mineral .

3. Oysters

Yes, it is true, they are aphrodisiac, but if you include them in your diet, you can increase zinc consumption. They have a considerable amount, especially considering their small size.

In fact, for every 100 grams you ingest, you’ll get up to 182 mg of the mineral . In addition, they also have a high content of

We know that it is usually thought that it is an expensive product, but every day they are more affordable. Remember that the study states that large quantities are not necessary.

4. Black chocolate

Finally we can enjoy cocoa without remorse. Keep in mind that its grain has been used since ancient times for medicinal purposes .

The key is to be pure and not mixed with milk or other ingredients. Thus, 100 grams of it represents 65% of the CDR .

Now you can run to the store to enjoy this delicious food. Do not forget to read the label to verify that you are choosing the right one.

5. Watermelon seeds

Why and how to increase zinc in your diet

On our page we are very defenders of watermelon and its seeds. However, you may wonder how to consume watermelon seeds.

You can take them dry or you can also take advantage and make a great water

With both options, you will be betting on taking care of yourself completely, given that they are even beneficial for people who are in depressed states.

You did not know?

6. Wheat germ

Cereals are a source of carbohydrates, which is why many people decide to eliminate them from their diet.

However, these are necessary for your metabolism to have enough energy to burn and get rid of fat and toxins.

The key is to know which cereals to choose and how to prepare them .

In the case of roasted wheat germ, it is an ideal complement for yogurt and breakfasts.

  • If you incorporate it in this food, you will have the advantage that, with 100 grams, you will already have in your body 100% of the recommended amount for each day .

Everyone should increase the zinc in their diet, but if you are one of those who like to have an enviable figure, do not overlook the results of this study.

Zinc accelerates your metabolism, while delaying cellular aging, so you’ll have much more energy and more time to exercise.

In addition, you will move more easily and your organs will remain healthy.

Why and how to increase zinc in your diet