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Why are people with blood 0 special?

We do not know too much about the types of blood, but what we are aware of is that there is a “special” factor, because it is searched with desperation when someone needs a transfusion.

People with blood 0 have a very important role in society since ancient times. In this note we tell you why.

What is the difference between each blood group?

Why are people with blood 0 special?

The four groups are A, B, AB and 0. Not all are compatible with each other. For example, the “exclusive” group 0 can donate to anyone but not receive from others who are not equal to them.

This is due to the antigens that each type of blood has .

These tiny molecules were discovered by the pathologist in his eagerness to discover why the blood is not compatible between different people.

Antigens are proteins located in red blood cells. The antibodies are inside the blood plasma.

According to

In the event that this union occurs, the body rejects the “aggressor” antigen through the antibodies of the immune system.

Why are people with blood 0 special?

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People who have the AB group have two antigens, but no antibodies. Therefore, an immune response does not occur when receiving blood.

Finally we have those of the group 0. They have the two antibodies, but not the antigens. That is the reason why they can donate to whoever they want.

But not everything ends there since in addition, next to the letter goes a sign + (positive) or – (negative) . This was discovered some time later. The new system distinguishes which people have a “D” antigen in the blood (positive) and those that do not (negative).

Then the possibilities of blood are 8 and not 4 as in the beginnings: A +, A-, B +, B-, AB +, AB-, 0+ and 0-. The latter is known as the “universal donor”, since its plasma serves for any group and factor.

However, you can only receive blood from someone of the same type. The antagonist is AB +, which can get what it needs in all types of blood but only has the possibility to donate to those of its same group.

What kind of blood do I have?

Why are people with blood 0 special?

The doctors indicate that it is very important to know our group and blood factor.

Why? Because in emergency situations where you need to receive or donate plasma you do not always have time to analyze it and determine this fundamental information.

Health professionals recommend carrying an identification with these data in your purse, a bracelet or a medal. It is very easy to know, only an analysis is needed.

The next time you have to do a medical checkup, ask for the study of your group and factor to be included if you do not know it or if you do not have it written down anywhere. It is common at birth for parents to receive a card with this information, but we do not always find it.

If you plan to donate blood you can also take advantage to find out your blood group. Do not forget that these data are not available instantly and you will probably have to wait a few days to find out.

You can also go to the hospital where you were born or you do your annual studies: they probably have that information in their database.

To discover the type of blood you have consult your parents by the factor of each one. There is a table to determine what your “options” are:

  • Progenitor O and Progenitor O = child O
  • Progenitor O and Progenitor A = child O or A
  • Progenitor O and Progenitor B = child O or B
  • Progenitor O and Progenitor AB = child B or A
  • Progenitor A and parent A = child O or A
  • Progenitor A and Progenitor B = child O, A, B or AB
  • Progenitor A and Progenitor AB = son A, B or AB
  • Progenitor B and Progenitor B = child O or B
  • Progenitor B and Progenitor AB = child A, B or AB
  • Progenitor AB and Progenitor AB = son A, B or AB

What makes the “0” special?

Why are people with blood 0 special?

In addition to the characteristics that we have indicated in relation to the compatibilities at the time of donating or receiving blood, there are other issues that make people “0” different and special .

Evidence has been found that this type of blood is what all our ancestors had. There are studies that indicate that the most interesting qualities of these people are leadership, concentration and energy.

They can be very good options for a job that requires greater productivity or someone to guide the rest. It is also known that they tend to be optimistic, live for many years and be strong.

An this type of blood is related to organization, responsibility and practicality . Apparently these people have a greater sense of direction and logic, are committed and aware of what happens around them.

All this would be influenced by our ancestors, who had to be very precise when they went hunting to survive.

When they are under a lot of stress or they are angry they can become hyperactive and impulsive. If we add to that a bad diet, sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy habits are more likely to suffer adverse metabolic effects.

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People with blood group 0 are more vulnerable to obesity, insulin resistance and low activity of the thyroid gland (because it does not maintain optimal levels of iodine in the body).

In addition, they are likely to suffer from ulcers, fluid retention and chronic fatigue.

Why are people with blood 0 special?

If you are from the select group of people with blood type 0 the amount of acids in the stomach will be greater than those of other beings and may cause indigestion and acidity (among other ills).

Why are people with blood 0 special?