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Why do not I lose weight if I exercise?

You have signed up for a gym to exercise and do not miss any session … Each time you train more and you get better day by day.

However, when comparing the data that throws the balance, you realize that you do not lose a gram (even you may have gained weight).

Why does this happen? Many people can not lose weight even if they exercise and that has an explanation. In this article we tell you.

Exercise and losing weight do not always go hand in hand

Why do not I lose weight if I exercise?

It is true that physical activity is one of the pillars at the moment of weight loss but, of course, is not the only one.

Exercising and not losing weight is a very common problem, especially in the first weeks of starting training.

This discourages those who put all their energy and efforts into looking better and losing those extra pounds. Even some give up within a few days of starting because they believe they will not be able to meet their goals.

People who are not used to

Several processes happen in your body when you are exercising. For example, it detects that it lacks elements to face the routine and, to do so, it creates more muscle tissue.

In addition, it accumulates more energy in the form of glycogen. These changes cause the scale not to fall. In turn, the increase in protein retains water and that translates into more weight.

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And not only the muscles are those that increase volume, but also the connective tissue. This becomes thicker to support the exercise.

In short, the body is protected and prepared to face the effort that routine requires in the gym or academy.

The organism needs more energy so that the exercises can be performed accordingly.

If we add to that the fact that the volume of blood can increase up to half a liter in the first days of routine, it is not strange that, instead of losing

More reasons why I exercise and not lose weight

Why do not I lose weight if I exercise?

In addition to the biological issues that occur within us since we began training, we must take into account other factors that may be preventing the achievement of satisfactory results.

  • If the activity chosen is too “soft”, if the effort is mild and if the energy expenditure is not enough, then we can not expect to lose weight in a few sessions.

This happens, for example, with yoga, pilates, walks in the park or walking the dog around the block.

  • On the other hand, many people find that, due to physical exercise, they have more appetite. This is because the body needs to recover the energy and calories it has lost during the routine.

If you just leave the gym you want to eat everything, maybe the expense you did in class “throw it overboard” and recover it (or even get over it) with the subsequent meal.

One of the most common excuses for those who exercise is “I eat more because I have burned a lot of calories in today’s workout.”

Or maybe they have the pleasure of consuming certain fatty or sugary foods “because I have already done my daily exercise”. Adopting that attitude leads to consume more calories than burned and, therefore, the sum is always positive rather than negative.

Why do not I lose weight if I exercise?

We must combine physical activity with a proper diet

For example, one hour of gymnastics of moderate difficulty makes us spend approximately 300 calories.

A full combo at a establishment averages 700 calories. If at the end of the routine we are going to eat at this place, instead of losing 300 calories … we will gain 400!

Thus, if we believe that just doing sports is enough and that food should not change, we are wrong.

If we want to lose weight there are several factors that can help us:

  • Change our diet (add more fruits and vegetables, put aside fried foods and sugars)
  • drink at least 2 liters of water per day

Have you analyzed the fact that it is possible that you do not lose weight because your weight is the right one?

When the muscle mass index is normal, you feed properly and do not excessive sport you do not have to reduce kilos.

Maybe during the first sessions you will see a change in your body but then “everything will return to normal”. Maybe what you need are exercises to tone muscles and not to lose weight.

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Why do not I lose weight if I exercise?

Other issues that prevent you from losing weight

Hormonal problems can be another reason why you do not lose weight even if you do sports several times a week.

In the case that you are also taking a healthy diet and you do not get results it may be due to problems of the

Certain imbalances in the production of hormones can prevent weight loss and even make you gain weight .

Finally, a bad recovery can be a reason for not getting the expected results.

If you just get out of the gym you come home and lie on the couch to watch TV, or you sleep a big nap, the body “relaxes too much” and, instead of reducing the fat, stores it.

Instead of resting completely, we recommend that you keep moving, even if you are doing things around the house.

Why do not I lose weight if I exercise?