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Why eat nuts?

For a long time we have been very reluctant to eat nuts, because we thought they had too much caloric intake and a lot of fat .

In addition, we were afraid that this would be complicated, because its flavor and size leads us to make them compulsively. Does not it happen to you that you start and you can not stop?

Eating them in this way is a problem. However, it is different when you take them in moderation: these will not only help you control have great benefits for your general health , which is what matters most to us.

However, not all are equal. Each one presents particular advantages, so the ideal is to eat nuts, taking into account the positive effects of each of its varieties.

That way we will not get tired of them and we will complement our diet with these very effective foods.

Learn to eat nuts

Nuts for chronic pains

Why eat nuts?

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Almonds to improve circulation

Why eat nuts?

As we know, the excess of glucose and glucose makes blood circulation very difficult. They cause conditions that can range from restless feet syndrome to more serious ones, such as cardio and cerebrovascular diseases.

  • Finally, its fiber content is considerable . This property is essential for our body to eliminate what hurts us, as well as fats that have no nutritional value, but that increase our weight.

Cashew nuts for brain activity

Why eat nuts?

Eating nuts like the anarcardos is an injection of minerals . One of the most indicated is iron, basic for oxygen to reach the brain.

For this reason, when we do not have enough, we perceive problems of concentration and retention of information.

In addition to iron, it is also rich in magnesium and zinc, essential for the immune system .

When our

Pistachios to keep the line

Why eat nuts?

Of all the nuts, pistachios are the ones that give us the least calories . In addition, when they come wrapped in a shell, it forces us to eat them more slowly.

Thus, the stomach has more time to assimilate its presence, so we feel satiated before.

As with the others, it concentrates a large amount of vitamin E, a great antioxidant . It also provides potassium, ideal to enrich both our nervous system and muscles.

Thus, digestion is much more agile, which is very appropriate in the face of weight loss.

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As we pointed out at the beginning, it is true that eating nuts provides us with carbohydrates.

And we already know that, although necessary, the ideal is to control their intake, because if we do not spend all the energy they give us, they are transformed into fat .

Knowing this, it is obvious that what is desirable is to ponder how much we take. The average amount is 30 grams per day, divided among the main meals.

However, not all of us work in the same way. This may be a good starting point, but you can observe yourself and find out how much is right for you.

The indicator will be on the scale. If you gain weight only by introducing them into your habits, it is best to reduce the number of them.

The nuts are very nutritious, easy to find and very economical. Generally, eating a balanced diet is more expensive than we would like.

Therefore, these foods are a great opportunity for everyone. In addition, they are very easy to transport, so, with them, you have resolved the issue of pecking between hours .

Why eat nuts?