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Why should you eat gelatin?

Eating jelly is something that we do more as an occasional craving or taste than as an important part of our diet. However, today we want to talk about the benefits it brings to health.

, dulces gomosos, los malvaviscos y algunos tipos de salsas. You probably do not know that gelatin is an important part of jams, ice creams, some , gummy sweets, marshmallows and some types of sauces.

If we talk about other applications, you can also find it as part of some cosmetics and pharmaceutical products.

Control your weight

Eating gelatin increases the production of growth hormone. At the same time, stimulates your metabolism through nutrients and amino acids.

Its fiber and protein content helps you feel satiated and eliminates sweet food cravings. This is great, because you will eat only what your body needs.

Many nutritionists recommend it as a substitute for sweets. If you want to give it some variety, try creating chocolate molds or make new versions of your favorite desserts.

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Accelerates wound healing Why should you eat gelatin?

As you know, proteins are an important part of the process that takes place when a wound heals. In addition, there is an amino acid called glycine that is closely linked with the reduction of inflammation.

por lo que se genera nueva piel y la cicatrización tarda menos tiempo. When eating gelatin, your body receives a good dose of glycine and so new skin is generated and healing takes less time.

Healthier nails, hair, skin and teeth

No one can deny that in today’s world we are constantly searching for options to have healthier hair, skin, nails and teeth. Do you know what they all have in common? . The .

Surely you’ve seen countless products that claim to contain high levels of keratin, but the vast majority costs a fortune.

esta contiene altos niveles de queratina. If you do not have to spend so much, or want some option that is also delicious, it’s time to eat gelatin, as it contains high levels of keratin.

Improve the health of your bones and joints Why should you eat gelatin?

The proteins found in gelatin, along with selenium, phosphorus and copper, help your bones stay strong and increase your body’s bone mineral density.

This causes osteoporosis to stay away longer.

On the other hand, the amino acids of gelatin reduce the inflammation that could affect your joints.

Gelatin also contributes to the development of strengthens your joints and bones to a great extent .

This is very important if your doctor has told you that the cartilage in your joints is wearing out or you begin to have many pains.

Improve your sleep

Glycine is strongly related to the improvement in sleep cycles. estimula ciertos neurotransmisores y enzimas que aumentan la calidad y la duración del sueño. This chemical also stimulates certain neurotransmitters and enzymes that increase the quality and duration of sleep.

For this reason, eating gelatin is important for your body to recover energy. Try eating a small portion of gelatin a couple of hours before going to sleep.

You will see that your dream is deeper and you will get up much more rested.

Combat aging

Why should you eat gelatin?

Gelatin is dry collagen and this is one of the most important elements in terms of skin health.

Between the benefits that we obtain when consuming collagen is the obtaining of elasticity and the tension between the dermal cells.

, podrás mantener tu piel firme y con un aspecto más joven. Therefore, if you increase the amount of , you can keep your skin firm and look younger.

With this we do not say that wrinkles and signs of age will never appear, but they will do so later.

Improve your digestive health

Gelatin has the peculiarity that it binds naturally with water. This makes your body more easily assimilate the fiber it contains.

el estreñimiento y la incapacidad para absorber correctamente los nutrientes disminuyen . If you adopt the habit of eating gelatin with some frequency you will see that problems such as constipation and the inability to properly absorb nutrients decrease .

It also stimulates the digestive juices and increases the peristaltic movement in the intestinal muscles.

Relieves allergies

Many allergies are attributed to having a “leaky” intestine that is unable to process certain substances.

comer gelatina curará ciertos problemas ocasionados por las . In addition to solving the problem that afflicts your digestive tract, eating gelatin will cure certain problems caused by .

We recommend that you occasionally include a good amount of gelatin in your diet and that you watch what are the foods that harm you.

Stimulate your immune system

Proline is another amino acid that you will get by eating gelatin. This chemical has been linked to the improvement in the immune function of many species of animals and humans.

al comer gelatina mejorarás tu capacidad para combatir las infecciones y enfermedades. The above means that by eating gelatin you will improve your ability to fight infections and diseases.

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Eat gelatin without fear Why should you eat gelatin?

Gelatin does not usually have cons , beyond producing a bit of abdominal distension and stomach pain if you eat too much, something that very rarely happens.

no debería ser un inconveniente. For this reason, including gelatin in your should not be an inconvenience.

Remember that, being so versatile, you can combine this food in different ways, with yogurt, fruit or as a dessert in the meal.

Why should you eat gelatin?