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Why you should never use aluminum foil for cooking

It is common to use aluminum foil for cooking. It perfectly resists high temperatures and transfers little heat due to its properties. It is usually used to cook meats, fish and vegetables . Due to its low mass, it is possible to handle it without burning hands because it does not get too hot.

The big problem that has recently arisen is the transfer of aluminum to food. This material can be harmful to the health of the people who consume them. Now, let’s see what aluminum is and what is its effect on the organism.

Why not use aluminum foil for cooking Why you should never use aluminum foil for cooking

Aluminum foil are very thin sheets of this material, which have a thickness of less than 0.2 millimeters. In this way, this metal sheet becomes extremely flexible and can be easily handled.

What is aluminum?

This chemical element is a metal. We can find it in large quantities on our planet ; mainly in animals, plants and stones. It is widely used in industries for its properties, among which we can highlight:

  • Tenacity. It refers to the ability of a metal to absorb energy before its rupture or deformation.
  • Malleability This is a physical property by which metals can be decomposed into sheets.
  • Ductility. It means that they can be deformed by force without breaking. In this way, wires or threads of this material are obtained.
  • Appearance similar to silver . For which it is widely used as a substitute for crafts.
  • Good conductor of the electric current.
  • Resists wear.
  • It’s economic.
  • It can be recycled perfectly.

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Where do we find aluminum?

Aluminum is not only found in aluminum foil; It is also used as a material to make cutlery, pots and pans. As their manufacture is much cheaper, they produce it in mass by making alloys with other metals.

It is extremely important to clarify that the use of aluminum utensils does not cause any damage to the organism. Now, placing food in aluminum foil and bringing it to a fire or oven at high temperatures can cause problems and become dangerous. Mainly with certain types of foods such as acids or spicy . Why you should never use aluminum foil for cooking

How does aluminum work in the human body?

Once the aluminum enters the organism, it can excrete it perfectly. but only in small quantities. In other words, a minimum aluminum intake does not cause problems. As an indicator you can have the value of 40 milligrams per kilogram of weight per day.

It should be noted that, day by day we are more exposed than we think to this metal. It can be found in various foods and places such as:

  • Corn.
  • Yellow cheese.
  • Salt cooking.
  • Tea.
  • Aromatic spices
  • Herbs.
  • Some drugs like antacids.
  • Drinking water.

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Among the most common disorders to find, with high traces of aluminum in the body, the following pathologies can be mentioned:

  • Probability of suffering Alzheimer’s.
  • It is extremely harmful for patients with kidney problems.
  • It can bring disorders to patients with bone problems.
  • It reduces the growth rate of human brain cells.

Avoid the use of aluminum foil to cook at high temperatures

An important factor to decrease the amount of aluminum is not to rub the pots after cooking food. These aluminum utensils tend to oxidize and form an inert layer that prevents the aluminum from mixing with food.

The problem lies in cooking the food wrapped in aluminum foil, since it is disposable and will not create that inert layer before using it. At the time of cooking, the aluminum migrates to the food in a way superior to the limits that are considered harmless in the organism.

In conclusion, there is no problem in using aluminum foil in the kitchen to store and handle food. It is just not advisable to use it to cook at high temperatures.

Why you should never use aluminum foil for cooking