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Leek omelette, quinoa and hazelnut drink

If you have not tried the leek, quinoa and hazelnut tortilla yet, maybe you should give it a try as soon as possible. And not only for the fact that it has an excellent flavor and a good nutritional balance (suitable even for vegetarians and people intolerant to gluten), but for the fact that it is an easy preparation that is achieved in a very short time. The quinoa becomes, in part, the substitute for this tortilla will not taste exactly traditional, since it is seasoned with two very particular ingredients: white pepper, amchoor (a

2 recipes to make a gluten-free brownie

Preparing a gluten-free brownie is getting easier, faster and, above all, delicious; Therefore, we have decided to share with you a couple of finger-licking recipes. Both preparations will take you only between 25 and 30 minutes, so they will definitely be an option for when you want to enjoy a good dessert in a short time. It should be noted that the star ingredient will be dark chocolate without sugar. However, do not worry because your brownies will not be left with a bad taste, much less. On the contrary, we will

2 ways to prepare homemade noodles without gluten

Both people who have certain restrictions in their diet and those who want to try healthy recipes can enjoy good gluten-free homemade noodles once the time has come. And what is the difference they have with respect to others? These will be fresh and free of artificial preservatives . Cheer up and give yourself the opportunity to try them because they are really very tasty. Simple recipe of gluten-free homemade noodles Ingredients ½ cup of rice flour (100 g) 1 whole medium egg Olive

How to make a bread without kneading and without gluten?

Since the first bread recipe without kneading appeared, people have been encouraged to try their own homemade preparations. And as! This bread does not require any kind of effort, nor is it necessary to have a long list of ingredients or a special oven. The secret of the recipe that we are going to show you below lies, mainly, in the time of rest of the dough and the cooking of it. The rest comes to be 'easy to eat'. It should be noted that other ingredients can be added to enrich

Healthy and gluten-free recipes

With the arrival of summer and of course with it the high temperatures, it is very normal that we want to eat something light and fresh , without forgetting that they must be healthy food, that they provide us the necessary nutrients for our good nutrition. Next we will give you some ideas that besides being tasty, they are healthy, economical and very easy to prepare. Croquettes of ham and mushrooms Croquettes are delicious at any time of the year, whether summer or winter, they are always welcome. Ingredients

What is gluten?

It is a group of proteins that can be found in some cereals. It is formed by coming into contact with water (such as kneading or mixing), as a homogeneous and strong formation. For some years, it has been determined that there are people intolerant to gluten, which are called celiacs. Facts about gluten The gases produced by the yeast or other leavening components are those that "inflate" the gluten, trapping air in the final product, but also making the food harden. It is important to knead cookies or cakes