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Each sex has a different way of managing or managing the problems and even the action of certain hormones.

Women’s brains are more sensitive to the action of stress, while men have the ability to adapt their neurons and resist the most common effects.

In this article we tell you more.

Stress in women

Women are more likely to suffer stress

The female sex lives stress differently. Women must reconcile between two “worlds”: family and work .

The pressures, obligations, tasks and search for good results become a problem. In addition, they are left with no free time or space for themselves.

The consequences of stress on women are endless:

  • Your character and your mood may vary.
  • Cause difficulties to sleep.
  • Alter your ability to make decisions
  • Make them perform less at work.

This does not mean that

Although it is possible to believe that the feminine one is the “weak sex” because it reacts of certain form before the problems or circumstances of the life, the certain thing is that, by the fact of being stronger, they accumulate more tasks and obligations.

Therefore, when something is not as expected or wanted, the consequences can be dire .

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Negative criticism in the workplace, competition with colleagues in the office, the amount of prejudices and expectations that are deposited in them, the social norms that must be met (getting married, having children, knowing how to cook) at a certain age …

All this can stress even the strongest of women.

Female neurons and stress

Women are more likely to suffer stress

When the hormones responsible for stress are released in the body, the neurons located in the woman’s brain are more sensitive than those of

By having more hormone receptors the female mind reacts excessively and therefore is more prone to suffer recurrent symptoms in stressed people.

When stress is chronic, the females of several species (not only there are differences in humans) can not adapt their brain mechanisms to face such tensions efficiently as it does in males.

That is why men are less sensitive to problems and more resistant to pressure.

Although women are more prepared to develop several activities at the same time, there are external and internal factors that cause greater episodes of stress, either in the workplace or in the personal.

The enormous burden faced by the female sex today (should be leaders at home and in the office) translates into greater problems to cope with stress,

This does not mean that they are not prepared or have the ability to achieve success on both or several fronts, but at a certain moment it generates an “overflow” of their mental capacities .

The psychological effects of stress

Women are more likely to suffer stress

Six out of ten women suffer from chronic stress. Since most of them refuse to admit it, they do not receive any type of treatment.

The psychological effects that derive from these situations are more serious than we think.

In addition to the inability to make certain decisions or to concentrate and the characteristic bad mood or irritability we must include more propensity to suffer accidents or to consume toxic substances.

Another of the notorious differences between the male and female brain is that the former works more in the face of a stressful or worrisome situation.

Women are more likely to suffer from an anxiety disorder in life as well as psychiatric imbalances.

The increased production of the hormone estrogen in stressful situations makes the woman more anxious or more easily mistaken than the man.

If there is something that worries you or what you fear, you are more likely to make inaccurate decisions.

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More brain differences between women and men

Women are more likely to suffer stress

With this we are not wanting to compare both sexes or determine who is better than the other. Each one has his gifts and shortcomings.

Women, for example, can better survive stress at birth , keep using their limbs for longer, are less prone to hearing or vision problems and throughout their lives maintain a greater blood flow in the

The female left hemisphere is more developed. This sector is responsible for language, definitions and logic. For this reason girls begin to talk before children.

While women’s minds are more “sensitive” to stress, they are supplemented by their ability to analyze situations in a more balanced way and to control aggression.

Those who face daily stress are not only exposed to the typical symptoms of this problem, but also may suffer from infertility, hormonal disorders,

Women are more likely to suffer stress

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