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Writing helps close wounds

Writing helps me express everything that happens inside me . The pain, the disappointment, the sadness, the desolation …

I know it’s just a sheet of paper and a pencil, but I find it so liberating that I can not stop doing it.

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Does it happen to you too? Does writing serve as a way to vent your feelings? Ink that transforms into what your interior screams.

Words that pass telling stories that are left behind …

Write about emotions

Writing helps close wounds

Almost all people need to let off steam, say what they feel , talk about what happens to them. However, speaking is not the same as writing.

When you begin to cover that blank sheet with thoughts that clump together in your brain, everything starts to make sense.

Let’s not forget that when we are bad and the world is on us, we submerge in a chaos from which it is almost impossible to leave.

The great variety of emotions that travel us and make us suppose and worry excessively, that liberating cry but that does not fill us completely …

Writing not only helps you put those disastrous ideas on paper, it allows you to order them, give them the meaning you never thought you could find.

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Think, for example, that you are going through a very painful stage with respect to your love relationships.

You are not able to know what is happening. You just feel, you get desperate, you end up full of anxiety and doubts. What’s happening to me? What is happening to me? Writes…

Writing helps close wounds

Once all the words are on the paper you can read them as many times as you need. You will be amazed to discover what was really happening.

You may discover that you suffer emotional dependence, that you are accepting a situation that you do not like, that you are with someone you do not really want to be with.

These written thoughts will reveal to you the crudest of realities . However, thanks to them, you will be able to find a way to walk back to calm.

Accelerate the healing process

All negative experience causes us a deep wound . The longer we have been ignoring it, the bigger it has become.

That’s why writing is so important. This way you will realize what is really happening to you.

It does not matter if the previous example is one of your problems. The death of a loved one, a job dismissal, a discussion … All these circumstances deserve their release through words.

Because not only will it allow you to see what happens with greater clarity, but because it will accelerate the healing process.

Every word is like a balm for your wound . This happens because, when writing, we release tension, stress and anxiety.

Writing helps close wounds

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Many people are not able to write good stories or perform deep poems if emotions are not found on the surface.

This happens because during that state, everything flows better. The words come easily, because it is not our logic that speaks, but our feelings .

Those that need to express themselves, in any way, through meaningless words or incoherent sentences.

Write expressively

If you have put into practice this way of writing but you have not obtained the right results, maybe it is because you have not carried out the expressive writing.

There are many individuals who, when they write, think too much; They want to build coherent sentences, that everything is well explained.

It’s not about this. To write expressively is to capture everything that goes through your mind as it is . Without additives, without formulas …

Simply, letting out the chaos.

It does not matter that what you write down does not make any sense, you will have it when you return to your words. It will be then when you realize what happens.

If you still can not get a precise meaning, let a few days pass and go back over those letters. Giving you time and space, you will be able to see from another perspective what was happening to you .

Writing helps close wounds

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Writing is one of the most effective ways to get rid of stress and put order in our lives when needed.

A way to vent to oneself and to find meaning in what initially did not seem to have it .

Writing helps close wounds