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Do you have a habitual posture when you surrender to the arms of Morpheus?

We do not refer to the one that you adopt consciously at the moment of going to bed, but to the one that you finally take when the dream overcomes you.

The question comes to mind because your sleeping position says many things about you . Here we tell you

Tell me how you sleep and I’ll tell you how you are

Your sleeping position says many things about you. Discover them!

Many are the investigations in relation to the human being and what happens in his body and in his mind while he sleeps.

However, Professor has spent much of his time studying the relationship between sleeping position and personality .

Idzikowski analyzed six habitual positions that people acquire in these circumstances. And he is convinced that they are associated with a certain way of being.

According to the specialist explains, although individuals have body language awareness while we are awake, another thing is to analyze what is said of us a posture adopted in a subconscious way .

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Sleeping in a fetal position

Your sleeping position says many things about you. Discover them!

According to Idzikowski’s research, 41 per cent of people sleep as if he were a baby inside his mother’s belly. This fetal position is adopted by more than half of women.

When lying on their side, with the upper and lower extremities shrunk, the sleepers seek, unconsciously, to feel

It is that, although when they are awake they appear before the world safe and strong, in reality they are sensitive and vulnerable beings.

Thus, the supposed firmness of character that they manifest is nothing more than a kind of shield to protect themselves.

Stance “trunk”

15 per cent of people sleep as if it were a trunk. This position consists of lying on one of the sides, with the legs stretched out and the arms extended along the body.

This way of sleeping seems to correspond with very . However, sometimes, they can become somewhat gullible.

On the side, with arms outstretched

Your sleeping position says many things about you. Discover them!

On the other hand, 13 percent of humans sleep on their sides and with their arms facing forward, forming a right angle with their bodies.

In these cases, despite presenting a personality similar to those who use the “trunk modality”, here shares of mischief and suspicion are added.

They are people with a more critical and distrustful vision of things .

On the back and well stretched

Your sleeping position says many things about you. Discover them!

The so-called posture of the soldier is that adopted by those who sleep on his back, with his body stretched out and his arms stuck to the trunk.

Everything seems to indicate that these are personalities that emphasize shyness and introversion .

The “soldiers” are, then, very reserved beings who tend to flee from tumultuous situations and who adhere to

Face down and grabbing the pillow

There are also those who fall asleep in free fall (7 percent). Are those who lie face down on the bed , around the pillow with his arms and putting his head on his side.

Those who conciliate the dream in this way are restless people, with a lot of energy, nervous. In addition, they have personalities that find it difficult to accept a criticism.

Like a “starfish”

Your sleeping position says many things about you. Discover them!

A select 5 percent is that which, when sleeping, lies on its back and bends its arms upwards. It also tends to bend your legs somewhat.

This position “sea star” corresponds to altruistic people, capable of listening and helping others .

They are individuals who can quickly establish

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The position when sleeping, something difficult to change

Did you recognize yourself in any of these positions? Do not feel disappointed if you are not.

Do not forget that each person is a world and has its particularities to sleep and that the same position is not always adopted.

For example, those who sleep with a raised leg seem to have a decidedly unpredictable personality.

However, according to Idzikowski, only 5 percent use a different posture every night.

Your sleeping position says many things about you. Discover them!

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